PolyChem for Developement is inlcuding a wide range of Training courses that can be conducted either regularly or upon request from the our clients are specliast in both Oil and Gas ,  such training courses are covering several

1- Courses of Operation
    a) Plant Operation
    b) HSE
    c) Trouble Shooting

2- Courses of Process
    a) Process Design
    b) HSE
    c) Plant Lay-out
    d) P&I Drwaings
    e) Plant Control

3- Courses  of Quality and Quantity
    a) Quality Control
    b) Quantity Control
    c) Product Specifications

4- Courses of Energy
    a) Engergy Control and saving

5- Courses of Equipment
    these types of courses are focusing on the two types of equipment
    a) Rotating Equipment
    b) Static Equipment



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