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About Us


PolyChem was established in 2016 in Egypt, the idea of it was just trading of some main Raw Materials in the local market, by the time and with clearer vision about the aim of the future, PolyChem started different types of businesses that can be severving different industrial fields either in Egypt or in other countries.

Manufacturing facility became one of the main objectives by which we can be catering different fields in the local market like Fertilizers, Detergents and the near future will witness other types of industries, this was a result of our cofidence in our team of technical experts who can develope new products based on the right scientific methods and long practical experience in their fields.

Oil & Gas -also- within the circle of PolyChem's interest, PolyChem's Oil & Gas would be intigrating the Original activity of trading but at the same time the aim of such new Dept. to extend its hand to its clients in this field for supporting , solving and troubleshooting the issues that might be faced during the operation , not only that, but PolyChem 's plan to be a partner with its clients to cooperate in the development of their existing staff or the potential staff via a wide range of courses that related to this field.

PolyChem tendency to be a leader in different fields that related to industry not only in the local market but in other coutries , not only in trading and distribution but also in serving these industries with technical support and contributing in the development missions.



PolyChem - Oil and Gas Dept. is a Petroleum Services Dept for Supplying chemicals, Consultation, Technical support and Training "in order to serve oil sector companies in particular and other sectors within Egypt to ensure the highest quality performance in the areas of plant process and plant operation also protection of the equipment and piping



Goals and Objectives


- Improve the performance and effectiveness of the standards, regulations, laws and practices of plant operation, equipment & piping protection not only in oil sector companies, but also for those who need our services


- Providing the required assistance for development and improvement the operation process and plant performance.


- Providing the technical and nontechnical training to improve the performance of the company’s manpower, which will reduce the operation cost, saving the people and saving the environmental by reducing the risks and the losses also increasing the company reputation.



Activities and Service


¨ Activity of supplying a wide range of chemicals:


PolyChem is one of the certified suppliers for many of the local industries.

PolyChem is specialist in the field of Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals, our Specialty in supplying a wide range of chemicals which can be used as treatment programs that would cover all the different treatment units, additional to the protection requirement for unit’s equipment and piping.

PolyChem offers hand-to-hand service from sampling, trials conducting, analyzing the results then submitting the proper remedy and solution program,

PolyChemassures the best Approach, Communicate, Quality and Continuity.


¨ Consultation and technical support as follows:


PolyChem is offering technical support and consultation service for sorting out the technical and operational issues might be encountered during the process, such issues would be handled by a team of experts in this field for submitting the best and optimum solution.

Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Industries have a lot of challenges but PolyChem is confident with their team to get the best solutions. In Parallel to supplying a wide range of chemicals for Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals Sectors,


¨ Training and Development:


Training the working Staff by PolyChem is to support the most important key factor in any firm especially in Oil, Gas and Petrochemicals. PolyChem can arrange many technical workshops for the working staff to improve their performance related to: how to operate the plant safely? , saving the energy? and minimize the losses?.

PolyChem has a lot of training courses that would be sufficient for different staff qualifications and experience, due to such Industry’s sensitivity economically, environmentally, safely and healthy. for this reason PolyChem can qualify the new graduated staff from the Universities, Institutes and Academics to get them ready for new jobs in the future, additional to that PolyChem can develop the existing working staff by having them updated with the latest standards, technologies, Procedures, troubleshooting, problem solving, Plant Processing and Optimization.



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